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Welcome to Best Headphones - we review the best headphones in the industry, from the best in ear headphones to the best earphones. We have reviews from some of the highest profile celebrities including dizee rascal, lisa maffia, capital fm DJ and more. 

Bass Buds is one of the latest headphones to have been released, they have over 30 different colour ranges, making it the largest colour range in the world. Having used bose, sennheiser, beats, monster, jvc and sony, I can confirm that Bass Buds are amoungst the best in the industry. The high quality sound, excellent build quality and extensive range make it more than just headphones, but a fashion choice, matching what you wear and making you stand out.

The swarovski elements make these headphones standout, look great and are even a talking point amoungst peers. I've tested them amoungst friends, and they love them too. 

I used to have a pair of JVC's which I aabsolutely loved, moved on to another pair of JVC's which were not as great, but then I came across these new earphones, and they blew the JVC's out of the water! These new bass buds sound great, they actually stay in my ear without falling out and they have some nice crystals, which you can interchange and match up different colours to what you're wearing.